Panda Bee Catastrophe

Dolan’s Pub – 4/20 Show and Auction, Panda Bee Catastrophe with Monteith, Luke & The Drifters

Though we at the Underground Alliance know WHAT you are going to be doing on April 20th, we certainly want to know WHERE you are doing it! So for all those who didn’t know, at Dolan’s Pub, Panda Bee Catastrophe, the Monteith Brothers, and Luke & the Drifters will be uniting to support access better health-care, and Panda Bee’s upcoming Canadian, national tour!

Yeti Drawn

Yeti Sightings in Fredericton NB?

You read that right. We are looking at a minimum of one yeti, if not multiple in Fredericton. While mainstream outlets refuse to release any media on the scientific anomoly, here and Underground Alliancer, we are ready to give you the news as it is, as it comes in. After intensive research, it became known to us that it was somehow linked to the formation of a punk band in the area; Cable Crusher.

Richie Young Hits The Studio

Not too long ago, Richie Young released his Debut EP, “Attack Of The Blues”. Wasting no time, Richie’s been jamming away new tunes whenever he isn’t playing to the people. With the help of Underground Alliance Recording Studios, Richie will be donning his guitar and harp once again, and releasing 8-12 new tracks with his first full length album.