Yeti Sightings in Fredericton NB?

You read that right. We are looking at a minimum of one yeti, if not multiple in Fredericton. While mainstream outlets refuse to release any media on the scientific anomoly, here at Underground Alliance, we are ready to give you the news as it is, as it comes in. After intensive research, it became known to us that it was somehow linked to the formation of a punk band in the area; Cable Crusher.

Who exactly is, Cable Crusher? It is hard to tell, but one thing has become abundantly clear; they are directly connected to the alarming increase in Yeti sightings. To the uninformed viewer, Ben Meating, Tyson Davidson, Kaelan Atkinson, and Jesse Meating are just four young, eager punk-rockers. But when The Underground Alliance looked into their forming, it was riddled with worship of a strange hairy beast. Even suggestions of the formation of a “Yeti Nation”, which would be our next true global terror threat.

What should be done about this world-shaking turn of events? It’s tough to say, some believe it to be safer under the protection of a forming Yeti Nation, and some believe the only way is to destroy that Yeti Nation before it can become a global force. The only thing that can be said for certain, is that every man, woman and child should buy a copy of their digital release, to understand exactly what kind of force has been unleashed upon our world. We can only hope that the Underground Alliance will still be standing to keep you posted on Cable Crusher, and the yeti epidemic.



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