Dolan’s Pub – 4/20 Show and Auction, Panda Bee Catastrophe with Monteith, Luke & The Drifters

Though we here at the Underground Alliance know WHAT you are going to be doing on April 20th, we certainly want to know WHERE you are doing it! So for all those who didn’t know, at Dolan’s Pub, Panda Bee Catastrophe, the Monteith Brothers, and Luke & the Drifters will be uniting to support access better health-care, and Panda Bee’s upcoming Canadian, national tour!

Panda Bee Catastrophe is pulling no punches as they garner cultural and artistic gifts from some of the city’s finest artisans for a silent auction! Dolan’s Pub naturally, offers fine food and entertainment for the patrons! The Monteith Brothers and Luke & the Drifters both participated in the very hot Follyfest Battle of the Bands, creating a serious buzz in the Maritimes rock community! PBC provides the 90’s alternative groove you need to party until the early hours.

Three incredible bands, serious munch, a silent auction, and a fundraiser for a good cause make Dolan’s Pub the place you want to be on 4/20 this year! Come out and witness your city’s artisans, or maybe come from another city and witness Frederictons’ artisans! A guaranteed good time for all those aged 19+. The fun begins at 4:20PM!

Event Page



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