Folk & Blues Night @ CSAC, Show Review from Underground Al

Folk & Blues Cover

Hello music maniacs! it’s your pal Al here. The scene was serene as sound waves corroded my spleen. I’m still wiping off my trench coat after my face was melted and my ears caressed on the cusp of Charlotte Street’s finest venue. Richie Young snatched the stage and brought exactly what we expected. A Hoochie Coochie Man in his own right, A Howlin’ Wolf in his own despair and a Smokin’, Tokin’ , Jokin’ titan of a little thing we call The Blues.


I had the pleasure of seeing Young down in the depths of our quaint river city about a year ago doing his thing and doing it well. Guitar case open, harp around his neck and nothing but the day to burn away. His style alone is enough to turn heads but his sound will completely spin that sucker right off your shoulders. As he tapped his toe to his rendition of Little Walter’s “My Babe”, I thought the sidewalk was going to crack and the concrete pieces were going to start dancing as sensually as the hairs on Richie’s lip.

After releasing his single and gathering enough tasty jams to complete a full length album, Richie and some local favorites stomped and romped and couldn’t be stopped at our cozy little Art Center earlier this month. Jake Cormier, who had ripped up the stage earlier in the evening couldn’t be pulled away and had Young’s back throughout the duration of the experience. He stood braver than the chief on his smoked blue t-shirt as He and Richie battled solo’s back and forth in a finger fiasco.

Richie was the nucleus of the show but don’t forget that a perfectly placed thumb is worth more than a thousand kisses. Local drummer and “ Monteith” frontman ,Shaun Monteith kept the tempo loose and tightened the noose as the tie dye tapestry behind his melon reflected the sweat of his stone cold crazy beats. His timing never sank, but I sure did. Deep into my seat I fell and my feet almost ripped away as I was trying to keep pace with Shaun. The younger half of the super smash bro’s and the otherwise back up vocalist and lead guitar for Monteith had no need for a mic as he wielded a bass guitar and let his fingers do the talkin’. Daniel sang, banged and clanged the laws of the 4 finger shocker without even breaking a single heart.

If you haven’t already dabbled into Richie Young and all he has to offer then I suggest you do exactly that. His new album “ A Story Everyone Knows” is soaring around and is available for your own multiple “ eargasms”. I don’t know if it was the haunting howl of harp on “ St Andrews road” or his red pants that seemed hotter than hendrix’s flaming guitar, but it took me a mesmerized moment to realize that the coat rack with the hats on it wasn’t another band member. “Feed the man with the skinny brown slacks” I kept saying to myself but it turns out he was just a vertical shelf.
Another day dawned and another scene sawned, a tip of the hat to you all.
Your back woods blumpkin,
Underground Al.

Underground Al


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