Unbreakable Hatred Blows Away The Charlotte St Arts Centre

What a killer night! Unbreakable Hatred was joined by locals acts Cable Crusher, I Monolith, and Soulstice for a well rounded night of heavy hitting metal.

Event Page HERE

Things started off thrashy with Soulstice. A tight three piece with fast-as-hell riffage, low and heavy vocals from the bass player, and surgical precision from the fast-footed drummer. Soulstice have wasted no time honing in their performance, by just their fourth show.

After that, I, Monolith took the CSAC stage for the second time with us at The Underground Alliance, solidifying in our minds that they just can’t fail to deliver. Te night also marked their first performance with two guitarists, as opposed to playing as a four piece.


Soon after I, Monolith left the stage, the main event of the evening was upon us. Unbreakable Hatred, the Quebec born, Death Metal maniacs came with speeds and “BPMs” high enough to turn the head of any respectable Tech-Deth fan. Each member held a huge, crucial part of their sound, between the growling bassist, guitarist who kept on fire the whole night, and their drummer that can hold their own against the blast-beating greats, this was not a performance to miss.

And who can forget our favorite gang of burger munching, dorito popping punk rockers? Cable Crusher comes with ear-catching tunes, and the intent to make your twisted dreams a reality. Accompanied by The Yeti, (as per their contract), we could name no better band to close the night off.


From the Underground Alliance, we would like to thank all the fantastic bands and music-goers who made this night possible. We will be back on July 27th with Holy Co$t, The Green Lung Grinders, Vomitself, Vidange and Cyphier


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