Chaddus Provost Jamming the Drums in the UgA Dungeon

We’ve recently moved into our new location in Woodstock NB, and in the midst of moving and maneuvering things around our new space, we took a break to record some of in-house speed demon, Chaddus Provost’s unrelenting drum beats. Chaddus plays in the death metal band, Forest Soul, and the absolute rock band, Monteith.

Son of Ray Provost, Chaddus has kept heavily to his father’s footsteps mastering the sticks and skins, but placing speed and surgical precision as his holy grail of traits. We hope you enjoy watching this blastbeast as much as we did! Audio recording by Jake Duffie.


Chaddus’s franken-kit includes..

– A home-made snare
– Axis AL2 kicks with Iron Cobra beaters
– Three hi-hats
– A mini bass drum
– Occasionally 1-2 bass drums made from water barrels
– An actual sawblade
– and an array of Sabian cymbals

“…Great chops and diverse techniques will definitely make Chad a force to be reckoned with …Looking forward to hearing more…” – Daamon Ross, frontman of Engage The Threat


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