Chaddus Provost Jamming the Drums in the UgA Dungeon

We’ve recently moved into our new location in Woodstock NB, and in the midst of moving and maneuvering things around our new space, we took a break to record some of in-house speed demon, Chaddus Provost’s unrelenting drum beats. Chaddus plays in the death metal band, Forest Soul, and the absolute rock band, Monteith.

Chaddus’s franken-kit includes..

– A home-made snare
– Axis AL2 kicks with Iron Cobra beaters
– Three hi-hats
– A mini bass drum
– Occasionally 1-2 bass drums made from water barrels
– An actual sawblade
– and an array of Sabian cymbals


Richie Young Re-Releases Traveling Man Blues

As far as Maritime Blues goes, Richie Young is certainly becoming known well as a Travelling Man commuting from Maritime town to town playing his own brand of the Blues. Richie’s stripped down song writing style in not just this track but all of his, hearkens back to the days of yore when the travelling musician on his own with his guitar strapped over his back, a small suitcase in tow, traveled from town to town peddling his music for small crowds in dark and dingy Blues bars and in these days of change modern independent breweries.

The track ‘Travelling Man Blues’ is everything any Blues fan could ask for, gravely vocals with a slinky twang, the harmonica almost acts as though it’s Richie’s own back ground vocals and of course Richie’s soulful guitar strumming brings this track together as a memorable and comforting tune filled to the brim with more Blues than any fan could ask for.

– Chris Waddell 06/08/2016

Richie Young #1 On CHSR Charts

Hardly one month after Richie Young released “The Story Everyone Knows” with The Underground Alliance Recording Studio, it has quickly moved it’s way to the #1 postion on the CHSR charts. You can listen in HERE for the countdown show, featuring “Oughta Look” off of the album.

We here at The Underground Alliance are incredibly proud to have Richie Young on our roster, and cannot wait to release more material with The Fredericton Blues Devil.

Hardly one month after Richie Young released “The Story Everyone Knows” with The Underground Alliance Recording Studio, it has quickly moved it’s way to the #1 postion on the CHSR charts. You can listen in HERE for the countdown show, featuring “Oughta Look” off of the album.

LIVE RECORDING – The Matt Comeau Band @ Grimross

Greetings to the followers and friends of the Underground Alliance! Not too long ago, our Recording Tech, Jake Duffie, got the chance to record The Matt Comeau Band at Grimross Brewing. The night of familiar faces, drinking, and atmosphere had been brought to us by the good people at Roots & Soul Promotions. We could spend paragraphs trying to capture the feel of that performance, but luckily, we don’t have to! Listen in for free HERE, or at the bottom of this post for a few of the band’s original tunes.

Later that night, Jont & The Infinite Possibility played a set that is tough to put the right words to. Something magical between the theatrical performances of David Bowie or Prince, and the intimate, humble feel of your local indie band, but bigger. I can only hope we will be uploading parts of that set someday soon, but until then, do yourself the favor of checking out their music!

Panda Bee Catastrophe

4/20 Show at Dolan’s Pub, Featuring Panda Bee Catastrophe, Monteith, and Luke & The Drifters – Underground Al Show Review

The sound check was in full swing and the loveable lovely’s at the door swept my cover fee and gave me a hug with their eyes alone. The tables were set and the auction was on. I always preferred silent auctions because it really gave me a chance to cry someone else’s tears. If there is one thing on this moldy sandwich we call earth that touches my soul more than music, it’s art. And with our friends at Marijuana for Trauma Inc. standing by to answer any questions or just lend a smile, you immediately felt like you were a part of something much greater, something charitable and pure. Organic alternatives to sludge and symptoms, our creator, whether it be nature, God or Dio himself, gave us those plants as a gift and gave us the will to seek them out.

Folk & Blues Night @ CSAC, Show Review from Underground Al

Hello music maniacs! it’s your pal Al here. The scene was serene as sound waves corroded my spleen. I’m still wiping off my trench coat after my face was melted and my ears caressed on the cusp of Charlotte Street’s finest venue. Richie Young snatched the stage and brought exactly what we expected. A Hoochie Coochie Man in his own right, A Howlin’ Wolf in his own despair and a Smokin’, Tokin’ , Jokin’ titan of a little thing we call The Blues.

I had the pleasure of seeing Young down in the depths of our quaint river city about a year ago doing his thing and doing it well. Guitar case open, harp around his neck and nothing but the day to burn away. His style alone is enough to turn heads but his sound will completely spin that sucker right off your shoulders. As he tapped his toe to his rendition of Little Walter’s “My Babe”, I thought the sidewalk was going to crack and the concrete pieces were going to start dancing as sensually as the hairs on Richie’s lip.

Richie Young’s “The Story Everyone Knows” Available Now!

Folk blues singer-songwriter Richie Young has a sound that will bring you back to the early days of blues, with country blues guitar playing and classic blues harmonica. In the past year he has opened for Maple Blues award winners Wicked Grin. As well as other bands; Tokyo Valentine, Restore the Year, Earth Bound Treo, and Steve Lewis and the Big Band of One. Richie regularly plays venues such as Wilser’s Room, Fredericton NB, and The Sour Grape, Oromocto NB.

The Story Everyone Knows is Richie’s first full length studio album, with his Attack Of The Blues EP being his only prior release. Physical copies can be purchased from Richie Young, or The Underground Alliance for $10. The digital download is available HERE for $6.