Panda Bee Catastrophe

4/20 Show at Dolan’s Pub, Featuring Panda Bee Catastrophe, Monteith, and Luke & The Drifters – Underground Al Show Review

The sound check was in full swing and the loveable lovely’s at the door swept my cover fee and gave me a hug with their eyes alone. The tables were set and the auction was on. I always preferred silent auctions because it really gave me a chance to cry someone else’s tears. If there is one thing on this moldy sandwich we call earth that touches my soul more than music, it’s art. And with our friends at Marijuana for Trauma Inc. standing by to answer any questions or just lend a smile, you immediately felt like you were a part of something much greater, something charitable and pure. Organic alternatives to sludge and symptoms, our creator, whether it be nature, God or Dio himself, gave us those plants as a gift and gave us the will to seek them out.

Panda Bee Catastrophe

Dolan’s Pub – 4/20 Show and Auction, Panda Bee Catastrophe with Monteith, Luke & The Drifters

Though we at the Underground Alliance know WHAT you are going to be doing on April 20th, we certainly want to know WHERE you are doing it! So for all those who didn’t know, at Dolan’s Pub, Panda Bee Catastrophe, the Monteith Brothers, and Luke & the Drifters will be uniting to support access better health-care, and Panda Bee’s upcoming Canadian, national tour!