Richie Young Re-Releases Traveling Man Blues

As far as Maritime Blues goes, Richie Young is certainly becoming known well as a Travelling Man commuting from Maritime town to town playing his own brand of the Blues. Richie’s stripped down song writing style in not just this track but all of his, hearkens back to the days of yore when the travelling musician on his own with his guitar strapped over his back, a small suitcase in tow, traveled from town to town peddling his music for small crowds in dark and dingy Blues bars and in these days of change modern independent breweries.

The track ‘Travelling Man Blues’ is everything any Blues fan could ask for, gravely vocals with a slinky twang, the harmonica almost acts as though it’s Richie’s own back ground vocals and of course Richie’s soulful guitar strumming brings this track together as a memorable and comforting tune filled to the brim with more Blues than any fan could ask for.

– Chris Waddell 06/08/2016