A Letter From Underground Al

We at The Underground Alliance were wandering the city of Fredericton, when we came across a strange man preaching what seemed to be nonsense to a small crowd. Some of the people were laughing, but some of them were crying. Strolling over to get a closer look, we noticed a pungency that only even the most morose of alley cats could produce. This guy was obviously out of his head. He had an old vinyl record in his grasp and was waving it around as if to hypnotize an orchestra. His jacket was slim and tattered and we assumed he had stolen the perfectly conditioned Top Hat upon his melon. A quick look was all we needed to disband this “creature” as just another vagabond dog, just looking to blow off some steam. It wasn’t until he turned his face that we saw it. He had mirror-like eyes and we could see ourselves staring back. His skin was every shade of every race and his voice was monotone and crisp.