UgA Featured Artists

Shaun Monteith

Shaun Monteith, the symbolic leader of The Underground Alliance, is a core part of the heavy metal scene in Fredericton. In his main project, MONTEITH, he is the ever-moving, always-rocking frontman, occasionally backing up his brother on secondary guitar. A project reminiscent Van Halen, and a touch of Tool, Shaun’s best asset is his ability capture an audience.

Outside of his familial driven project, he is also the fast blasting drummer of The Green Lung Grinders. If the name doesn’t spell it out, the sharp, faster than proper guitar riffs, and mindblowing melodies will tune you in. This grind & roll band exists for a new wave of rowdy metalheads.

Anyone who knows the bard in person, knows that is only the beginning of his musicianship. With a strong handle over the drums, guitar, bass, a wide variety of vocal styles, he is physically and mentally equipped to bring Fredericton’s music scene to a new level.

Daniel Monteith

Brother to Shaun, and son of 80’s metal, Daniel has spent his life dedicated to the art of guitar. The shredding machine of MONTEITH has spent moments and years in bands all over fredericton, with enough jam potential to fill every jar in the city. Often lending his sound on the acoustic to passers-by near the Tannery, Daniel has become well known locally for his skillmanship.

When not jamming away with Monteith, Daniel does most of the event coordination for The Underground Alliance. When hosting shows for local and out of town bands, Daniel is the man to make the show go on. Daniel takes heavily after the guitar stlyle of Van Halen, and has been coined “Dan Halen” for the efforts.

Jake Duffie

While Jake is well familiar with multiple instruments, his main focus is recordings bands with The Underground Alliance. Like many other involved, he tends to most often be listening to heavy metal. Revocation, Motorhead, The Dillenger Escape Plan, Gallows, and The Henry Rollins Band are a few of the names included in his listening library. The pursuit of further education in recording technology sent him off to Recording Arts Canada in 2013, in the heart of Toronto. Since his returning in 2015, Jake’s been making waves, recording with local bands such as The Wasteland Zombies, Richie Young, Siegebreaker, Cable Crusher, Blueprints, and other increasingly familiar names.

Jake Duffie is the recording tech at the Underground Alliance Recording Studio, and has released a solo project named Loss Leader. With a handle of music production, guitar, drums, bass, and certain styles of vocals, Jake IS the whole metal band.

Chad Provost

Have you heard of The Best Drummer Ever? Many of you have, and it was not a moniker taken by choice. The legendary son of Ray Provost has been making splashes in our local metal scene for being the fastest and heaviest, but leaves no room for criticism on his technicality, and general “grooviness.” His heart and soul lays with brutality, and it shows in his death metal band, Forest Soul.

Chad sets not limits for himself, as he adds his progressive edge to the MONTEITH ensemble like a hand in a glove. His long term working relationship with the brothers of rock has blown away stages across the Maritimes, with future plans putting them across Canada.

Corey Tasse

It was only a short year ago, Corey had started to befriend the members of The Underground Alliance. With a burning love of rock and punk, it wasn’t long before he donned the stringed axes of his past. His inner musicianship broke out for multiple audiences to see, among wolves and brothers. In his most recent history, after a bout playing guitar with the wolves of Winter’s Howl, he found his place as the new bassist of MONTEITH.

Corey has a knack for guitar, bass, and happily belted vocals with a character of their own. His most impressive feat, is how he always finds a way to take his live performance up to the highest notch he’s ever played at, missing no beat. This up-comer has been a core part of our operations as The Underground Alliance, and with a big smile on his face.

Richie Young

Folk blues singer-songwriter Richie Young has a  vintage sound that will bring you back to the early days of blues, sly guitar instrumentation, and burning hot harmonica licks. In the past year he has opened for Maple Blues Award winners Wicked Grin, as well as and Steve Lewis and the Big Band of One, Restore the Year, Earth Bound Treo, Tokyo Valentine, and many other talented groups. Richie regularly plays venues such as Wilser’s Room, Fredericton NB, and The Sour Grape, Oromocto NB to fill his thirst to perform.

Richie has been stopping around The Underground Alliance for half a year now, and I am not sure we are ready for his tour. Our daily visits from The Blues Devil himself has given us a lot of insight into the musical art we all hold dear, and he has a charisma we can only aspire to.

Chris Waddell

Chris Waddell is a veteran of the Fredericton music scene, taking a valued place at CHSR hosting The Crazy Train radio metal show. His most noteworthy work has been fronting The Wasteland Zombies, both in the early 90’s in his younger, upbeat form, and to this day in 2016. What holds the truest from his early days in metal, is his pursuit to capture the audience. You can tell from what you hear, Chris wants it as heavy as it gets, but he will rarely compromise the clarity that his band projects from the stage. Every word crisp, meaning deep. The guitar cuts through clean, and the bass keeps melodic. The drums, cinematic and uptempo. His taste and wisdom has been an invaluable asset to The Underground Alliance.

In the earlier days of his life, Chris Waddell was into the local metal and hardcore scene. His first band, first band K.G. Wolfe, started as a metal project, but started to venture into crossover thrash by the time it was done. The band was comprised of now a university professor Scott Buffett, Former Neighbourhood Watch bassist, Rob Melvin and local guitar virtuoso Bryce McKlellen. Peter Rowan, who now managed Motherhood and Little You Little Me used to book shows for the band and was essential in helping them in their younger days in the local scene. K.G. Wolfe were together from 1986 -89.

While the band he and his friend Peter were forming were playing mostly bar rock, his one caveat was that the band write and play original material. So in 1990, Dreamkick was formed. Made up of Chris Waddell, Peter Gillies on bass, Mike Dunn on guitar, Shawn King on guitar and percussion prodigy Pat Pelletier playing the drums, Dreamkick found moderate success in the two years it lasted. The band won a battle of the bands, played multiple community centres. Dreamkick had a tendency to take bar classic rock tunes, and play them heavy as hell. Their hit ‘This Means War’, which Peter made a homegrown music video of and this was played several times on Canada’s MTV Much Music. Unfortunately, after finding their place in the music scene, personal differences put the band on different paths.

Not long after leaving Dreamkick, Chris was asked by Ray Robinson and Glen Brown to come jam. Together with Glen’s Brother Rick and Boisetown bassist Chris Storey, the band soon became a much heavier machine than Dreamkick had been ever been. The guys in this band all listened to much heavier Metal and Dreamkick opened the door in Fredericton for “heavy” bands to play bars. The Wasteland Zombies line up was solidified a year later after Glen’s Brother Rick left the band and a close friend of Chris’s,  Richard O’Neill joined. He added a more alternative ‘Grunge’ sound to the band, than the heavy metal prior. The Wasteland Zombies went on to win another Battle of the Bands at Trina’s and was scouted by EMI Records while playing in Saint John, NB. The bands swan song was playing the National College Radio Conference in 1994 which CHSR-FM hosted on the UNB campus. Not long after this in 1994 Chris moved out to Vancouver for near 20 years before returning in 2012. The band also played in front of Fredericton’s city hall for the Canada Day celebrations in 1993 and were the very first band to play Rogers local cable access Rock show ‘Friday Night Rocks!’ Hosted by Gary Boole.

The Wasteland Zombies were resurrected in 2014 with original members, Ray Robinson, Rick and Glen Brown, Chris Waddell, and nuclear bassist Jake Taylor from Geary NB. Since reuniting both Ray and Rick have bowed out and today the bands line up is Chris Waddell on vocals, Glen Brown on Drums, Jake Taylor on Bass and former Age of Days guitarist Jamie Norrad.

Tom Purvis

Tom Purvis is one of the two demonically fueled shredders of The Green Lung Grinders. This pure-bred metalhead has a taste for thrash and death, and is known not to compromise on his musical integrity. He plays like a machine, and as the riffs come out of him, on stage and off, it is hard to keep them from echoing on in your head.

Tom bought his first guitar at 15, a strat style guitar by the name “Renegade”. He was already well familiar with artist expression on paper, so this was just the next step. After listening to “… And Justice For All”, Tom saw musicianship as a way to break out of his shyer shell. From there, he had played among Metal Resin, which became Wicked Ways after a few lineup changes. They tended to play heavy and groovy, centering around Tom’s skillfully played riffage. Many people gravitated towards Tom’s aggresive, flowing style of playing. The artwork he had been working on at the time furthered the aesthetic of brutality in their minds.

Further even down the line, with assortments of regular members of previous bands, and a few new ones, Mandrill Attack was formed. A band that still occasionally plays today. The current members of Mandrill Attack are Christopher Pond, Tom Purvis, Nick Gillet, PJ Jacques, and Eddie Gillet.

While Mandrill is still a part of Tom’s life, his greatest successes have been with the induction as Grinder. In the recent past, the legendary GLG has played the Grind Your Mind Festival with Dayglo Abortions, Midsummer Metal Meltdown in Montreal, Bar Le Trash in Quebec, and all over the Maritmes and Provinces between.

Jake Cormier

We here at The Underground Alliance first met Jake a few months ago through our good friend Richie Young­. His most noteworthy features as a musician are an uncanny ability to improvise on lead guitar, and a powerful voice that comes unexpected from his more modest speech patterns. It wasn’t too long before we had the itch to put out a track with him, Orange Pen.

Jake started playing guitar at twelve, trending towards metal and old school rock. Bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Metallica, The Doors and Tool. Jake has been known to say he’s “grown out of his anger” when it comes to his musical tastes as of his more recent years, putting the metal and rock aside often, for the works of artists like Queens Of The Stone Age, Neil young, or thriving local act Earthbound Trio.

Jake started on the drums and bass in his high school years, but had a habit of falling out of practice. It has been since last year, when he learned to sing, that Jake really started making exponential progress and solidifying his commitment to music. His currently ongoing projects include The Funky Baked Potatoes, Richie Young & The Crossroad Devils, and newly settling in to drumming with Panda Bee Catastrophe.